Make Sure your Passport is Passable

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Will your Passport Get the Stamp of Approval?

Before you start packing for that exotic bucket-list trip across the pond, make sure your passport is passable. Check the desired country’s requirements for passports and then check your’s. You can usually find this info on-line through the local embassy or consulate.



Expiration Date

  • Many countries like Malaysia will not allow you entry with a passport that expires within six months of your trip.
  • Note – how the expiration date effects your trip varies from country to country.  Some calculate it from the day you enter the country or from the day you leave.

Best Behavior

  • Some countries like Canada require you to be on your best behavior prior to stepping foot on their soil – so no prior criminal convictions, eh.

Pack Cash

  • Be prepared – along with supplying proof of passport you may need to pay an entry tax such as the whopping $131 you’ll have to fork over to visit Chile.

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