10 Days in Mexico for $650!

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That’s how much I spent on my last trip to Mexico.  And I’m not talking about 10 days in Tijuana; this was 10 luxurious days in a small surfing town just north of Puerto Vallarta, called Sayulita.

Curious how I did it?  Grab a pencil and take some notes:

First and foremost, for any stay more than 4 days, I’ve got to have some sort of kitchenette.  Neither my body nor my pocketbook can handle eating out 3 meals a day for more than 4 days in a row.  At a bare minimum, I need a mini fridge, basic dishes, a sink and a small stove.  Here’s what I had in Mexico:

Kitchenette in Mexico

And we went to the market nearly every day:

Celia's Fruit

Mexican Fish Market

Most days we also picked up a rotisserie chicken, which came with rice, salsa, potatoes and sometimes a few tortillas (provided the tortilla delivery man didn’t get drunk the night before and neglect his route the next morning).


The Real Reason Boston Market is Going Out of Business

Here’s what we ate on a typical day:


A smoothie made from banana, orange, and papaya.  Plus coffee and milk


Rotisserie chicken with rice, potatoes, salsa and tortillas (60 pesos = less than $6 for 2 people)

Snack on the Beach

  • Shrimp skewer (10 pesos = less than $1)
  • A mango smoothie (35 pesos = about $3)
  • Or if we had gone for a long run that morning we’d treat ourselves to a chicken burrito (65 pesos = about $6).

2nd Snack at Home

Chips and guacamole


  • Red Snapper (nearly half a kilo = 46 pesos)
  • Or steak ($4USD was enough for 2 people!)
  • Plus sauteed squash, onion, mushroom and bell pepper


  • Slice of homemade cake (15 pesos)
  • Ice cream bar (15 pesos)
  • 8-pack of beer (80 – 90 pesos)

Here are the other ways we kept expenses down:

  • We took the city bus from the airport to Sayulita for about $4USD.  It was about an hour-long ride.
  • We didn’t sign up for any touristy excursions; it was a totally relaxing trip of hiking and hanging out on the beach
  • We used fly miles, although we didn’t get the best deal; we still had to pay $100 each for our flights.
  • We scoured lodging websites and once we found a place we liked, we negotiated a lower price with the owner.  We paid $600 for 10 nights in this lovely room for 2 people (remember it had a kitchenette, and it also a pool, 2 balconies off our room, plus a roof-top patio!  It had a private bathroom, too – I’m too old for a hostel, thank you very much):

This room was bigger than my first apartment!

A Rooftop Patio with a View!

I’d love to hear about how any of you out there also had a luxurious trip for cheap!

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3 Comments → “10 Days in Mexico for $650!”

  1. Eddie

    6 months ago

    Holy Guacamole! I wanna call BS but if it’s true – I’ll gladly take a 10 day vacation for $650. Keep those cheap tips a coming!

  2. Patrick

    3 months ago

    Thats not a bad price, but neither is ours at $1165 for 10 days touring Mexico, staying in some of the nicest hotels and seeing the major cultural highlights of Colonial Mexico, all included. Check it out and give us some feed back.

  3. Theresa

    3 months ago

    Thanks Patrick – looks great!

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