A Bomb Dot Com Tour

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The Bucket List.  Most avid travelers have one.  If not written down on paper or in a note-app on their phone, its definitely a list that rattles around in their head.

On my list is: Visit Antarctica, stay in an underwater hotel, walk on the moon, etc.  But visit a nuclear plant?  Well… that hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Evidently it crosses many minds.  According to the Tri-City Herald, this tour roughly an hour outside of downtown Richland, WA, is very popular.  Last year when tickets to the Hanford Nuclear site went on sale – they sold out in eight hours.  If this has all of the sudden popped up on your bucket list, you’re in luck.  Tickets to this year’s tour go on sale TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT (March 6, 2012)! There are 2,500 tickets for 60 tours running April through September.

And this ain’t your mamma’s 3 hour tour.  This 5 hour tour includes a visit to the B Reactor – the worlds first, full-scale nuclear reactor that gave the “Fat Man” (the bomb dropped over Nagasaki, Japan in World War II) his explosive nature (aka plutonium).

So if this HAS made your bucket list – I just want to stress one important thing.  It’s pronounced NEW-CLEE-ER not NUKE-YA-LER.  Are we CLEAR?

For more info: http://www.hanford.gov/page.cfm/HanfordSiteTours


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3 Comments → “A Bomb Dot Com Tour”

  1. Ari

    8 months ago

    Hah! That is my biggest pet-peeve the whole “Nuclear” pronunciation thing. Sounds like a cool tour.

  2. Carrie

    8 months ago

    Sounds fascinating and boring at the same time. Not sure this one will be making my bucket list.

  3. Jess

    8 months ago

    So true, Ari. A word with that much power should be pronounced correctly.

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