Candy, Nuts & Popcorn are Overrated

  by   |     May 18th, 2010   |    1View Comments

Orville Redenbacher should expand into Thailand, because the country is in desperate need of good snack food. In the markets you’ll see little carts where they’re frying up cockroaches, maggots, and other bugs.  These carts are quite popular with the kids; there’s always a swarm of them around the carts, placing their orders and dancing [...]

Vampires Beware!

  by   |     May 18th, 2010   |    0View Comments

Rich and I spent nearly a week out of our 3-week Thailand trip on a small fishing island called Koh Lanta.  We stayed in a small hotel run by two middle-aged German ex-pats. This was about the middle of the trip and we were starting to get a bit tired of Thai food.  Don’t get [...]

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