Energetic Kids on Planes

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Ever sit next to one of these?  An energetic child excited (or not so excited) to fly?  I recently had the opportunity (read dumb luck) to sit behind one and thankfully he was in a good mood. In fact he was so excited at one point he screamed out “California” – our mutual destination.

He did not get kicked off the plane like that two year old on jet blue – http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/03/toddler-kicked-off-plane-not-the-first/

And he was more entertaining than bothersome.  But it did make me feel for the parents.  How do you control a little being with so much energy? Afraid of making eye contact with the little one – I sat back and cautiously watched the show.

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  1. Theresa

    7 months ago

    Glad to hear that little guy was happy — and not a screamer! That’s crazy that toddlers are getting kicked off flights. I feel bad for the parents, which is easy to say since I haven’t been on a flight where it came down to that (although it’s been close a few times!) Tough decision for the captain.

    By the way, the anchor woman on the jet blue story sounds drunk!

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