Show Stopping Good Time

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Guess who got to go to the Grammy’s last night?!?  This girl!



That’s right.  Me and 130 of my closest friends all got gussied up and partied like rock stars last night.  Some of them coming in from as far away as Thailand. Talk about your ultimate Hollywood vacation!

Glam Fam - Getting ready for the Grammys

Glam Fam – Getting our Grammy on



A little pre-party at the quintessential LA abode.

Swankified Pre Party - Pool Side

Swankified Pre Party – Pool Side

Then after everyone had enough sunshine and picture taking we transferred our drinks into plastic cups and our persons into these buses (we filled three of them!) and headed to the Staple’s Center.  (How grown-up and responsible of us?!)

Hop on the Bus, Us - headed to the Grammy Music Awards

Hop on the Bus, Us

Our party rented out Hyde, a night club in the Staples Center that basically took a bunch of club level boxes and seats and turned them into a great way to see a show.  Comfy sofas, fabulous food and booze.  A triple threat that the celebrities down in front don’t get to enjoy until after the show.

From the Hyde bar at the Staples Center

From the Hyde bar at the Staples Center


Cold Play, Hot Show

Cold Play, Hot Show

Watching the Grammy's from Hyde Bar, Staples Center

Can’t Hyde from the Music

And then, like any good Hollywood throwdown – we popped bottles and made it rain.

But I put my camera away for that act so you’ll have to picture it for yourself.


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3 Comments → “Show Stopping Good Time”

  1. Chris

    8 months ago

    I love redanig these articles because they’re short but informative.

  2. Jess

    8 months ago

    Thanks, Chris. That’s what I say about Theresa – she’s short and informative too!

  3. Theresa

    8 months ago

    I resemble that comment! ;-)

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