Stunning Sunsets

  by   |     September 24th, 2012   |    0View Comments

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I’m a sunset fein and after being treated to another spectacular light show the other night I thought I might share a few of my faves. Enjoy!!

Low Tide

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I’ll admit, I didn’t grow up near the ocean so I’m not an expert on the tides.  But I had never seen such a low low tide as when I went to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.  You could walk into the water for 20 minutes and never get deeper than your waist. You tidal experts [...]

Driving the 101: Ridiculous Scenery

  by   |     August 11th, 2012   |    0View Comments

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Gold Beach, OR is now on my short list of the most beautiful coastline views I’ve ever seen (also on that list are Koh Phi Phi Thailand and Manuel Antonio Costa Rica). Naturally, these pictures don’t do it justice. What my camera also fails to convey is the smell of fresh ocean air.  I’m not [...]

Adventures in Rincon, Puerto Rico

  by   |     February 27th, 2012   |    2View Comments

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Grab some popcorn and enjoy a quick trip to one of our favorite surf destinations, Rincon Puerto Rico, without leaving the comfort of your own home (or cubicle). Adventures in Rincon Slideshow: Click2Travel’s trip from Los Angeles, California, United States to Rincon, Puerto Rico was created by TripAdvisor. See another Rincon slideshow. Take your travel [...]

Our Trip to Puerto Rico as seen on Tripadvisor

  by   |     December 12th, 2011   |    1View Comments

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This is not your grandfather’s slideshow. Gone are the days of sitting in your friend’s living room watching a slideshow of their family trip to Disneyland. Now you can watch people you don’t even know take exciting (or not-so-exciting) trips from the comfort of your very own living room. Check out the one I just [...]

Room with a Review – The San Juan Marriott

  by   |     October 25th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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If you like a clean and classy room, good food, killer views and a great location – then you’ll LOVE the Marriott in San Juan, Puerto Rico. First, when traveling abroad sometimes it’s nice to go with a chain because the level of service and quality is usually high. Very true in this case. Secondly, [...]

Villa Montana, Puerto Rico

  by   |     July 2nd, 2011   |    0View Comments

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I have 4 words to describe Villa Montana, near Isabela, Puerto Rico: Classy Peaceful Relaxing GORGEOUS! See what I mean:

Enter the Sandman

  by   |     June 13th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Duncans Trelawny Jamaica – Mr. Sandmon on vacation.  Get it … SandMON.  You know – because he’s Jamaican, Mon.  

Rincon, Puerto Rico – Cornering the Good Surf Market

  by   |     April 18th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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If you like warm temperatures (we’re talking on land and in the water), good surf, lots of breaks, beautiful beaches and a place you can bring the whole family – then check out Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Rincon – which means corner – is on the North West corner of Puerto Rico.  It’s location gives it [...]

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