Sleep Tight with No light

  by   |     April 9th, 2012   |    0View Comments

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I’m a huge fan of sleep and I’m not the morningest of people.  So one of my travel pet-peeves is that tiny sliver of light that shines through the space where the hotel curtains come together but won’t close all the way.  You know that trickle of light that’ll wake you up on a relaxing vacation [...]

Room with a Review – The San Juan Marriott

  by   |     October 25th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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If you like a clean and classy room, good food, killer views and a great location – then you’ll LOVE the Marriott in San Juan, Puerto Rico. First, when traveling abroad sometimes it’s nice to go with a chain because the level of service and quality is usually high. Very true in this case. Secondly, [...]

Check IN to the Hotel then Check OUT your Surroundings

  by   |     September 9th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Don’t you love it when you travel to a foreign country and stay in a great hotel?  You know, one with all the amenities.  Great restaurants, pools, beaches, spas … even a little handi-crafts shop in the lobby.  And as much is you may not want to leave all the comforts of your fabulous hotel [...]

Super Charge your next Trip by Packing Powerfully

  by   |     August 5th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Many hotel rooms leave travelers, especially those traveling with families powerless. With the need to charge cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, iPads, and other gadgets, a power strip can prevent battles over who gets to plug it in, plug it in and who gets to run on low.  So next time you hit the road [...]

If You Like it then You Should Put Your Name on It

  by   |     June 8th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Pluggin-in to today’s tech-savvy world requires a lot of accessories. Cell phones, laptops, ipads, iPods ….  iAnythings all require power-cords.  It’s easy to forget these life-lines in your hotel or rental car once you’ve charged your equipment because they only require cords to CHARGE. Don’t want to completely lose it?! Take charge and increase your [...]

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