Sleep Tight with No light

  by   |     April 9th, 2012   |    0View Comments

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I’m a huge fan of sleep and I’m not the morningest of people.  So one of my travel pet-peeves is that tiny sliver of light that shines through the space where the hotel curtains come together but won’t close all the way.  You know that trickle of light that’ll wake you up on a relaxing vacation [...]

Adventures in Rincon, Puerto Rico

  by   |     February 27th, 2012   |    2View Comments

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Grab some popcorn and enjoy a quick trip to one of our favorite surf destinations, Rincon Puerto Rico, without leaving the comfort of your own home (or cubicle). Adventures in Rincon Slideshow: Click2Travel’s trip from Los Angeles, California, United States to Rincon, Puerto Rico was created by TripAdvisor. See another Rincon slideshow. Take your travel [...]

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