Vicarious World Travel

  by   |     November 25th, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Not everyone can take a year off from real life to travel around the world. But the people who do have the best stories. If you want to live vicariously through someone who did, check out Adventures of a Continental Drifter (An  Around-the-World Excursion into Weirdness, Danger, Lust, and the Perils of Street Food) by [...]

Eat, Pray, Love – Loved it, Hated it

  by   |     August 29th, 2010   |    4View Comments

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The book moved me. The movie snoozed me. Eat, Pray, Love is about one woman’s journey through Italy, India and Indonesia. But don’t be fooled – the book and the movie take audiences on very different trips. The book is about one woman’s journey to find herself …. and along the way she finds God [...]

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