Hot and Cheap Eats in your Hotel Room

  by   |     April 2nd, 2012   |    0View Comments

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Are you the kind of person that loves leftovers?  While traveling, does your heart feel a little pinch every time you have to pass on the doggie bag?  Well pass no more.  Take that shrimp scampi to-go with confidence.  All you’ll need is your ice bucket, zip-lock bag, some aluminum foil and an iron and [...]

Energetic Kids on Planes

  by   |     March 26th, 2012   |    1View Comments

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Ever sit next to one of these?  An energetic child excited (or not so excited) to fly?  I recently had the opportunity (read dumb luck) to sit behind one and thankfully he was in a good mood. In fact he was so excited at one point he screamed out “California” – our mutual destination. He [...]

Cookie Sheets – your Road Trip Savior

  by   |     March 12th, 2012   |    0View Comments

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Cookie sheets may be low on your to-pack list for a road trip (if at all), but they should be up there with Cherry Twizzlers and Diet Coke because they are lifesavers!! Cookie sheets make fabulous food trays.  Obvious, right?!  But the not-so-obvious-great-thing about cookie sheets (the ones with edges all around) is that they [...]

Picture Perfect Kids

  by   |     November 1st, 2011   |    0View Comments

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Gearing up for a trip to Grandmothers house this Thanksgiving?  Well before you head over the river and through the woods, buy a disposable camera for each of your kids; maybe more than one if it’s a long trip.  Think of them as an inexpensive babysitter that will keep your child entertained for hours. Make [...]

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