Naked Man Goes Through Security

  by   |     April 23rd, 2012   |    0View Comments

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The Naked Truth – that’s what a man in Oregon was out to prove while going through security at Portland International Airport last Tuesday. Did he have explosives?  No.  But it appears John Brennan had giant cojones.  No doubt you’ve seen or heard about this incident that caught the attention of airport authorities, the media and [...]

Apparently Terrorists Use the Bathroom Excessively

  by   |     November 24th, 2010   |    0View Comments

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Are you kidding me with this story about a man being targeted as a terrorist because he used the airplane bathroom too much!? On my last flight home from Mexico, I had Montezuma’s revenge BIG TIME (if you’re lucky, I’ll write all about it in another post someday).  I was in the bathroom every 15 [...]

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