Traveling to Find Love: Advantages of Solo Trips

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When I say that I prefer traveling alone, people often react to my words with a bewildered look. It seems to me I can read their minds at those moments. They probably think I’m a loner or a weirdo. Well, I used to travel with my friends or hot russian woman sex, and many of those trips were great, but after I went on a solo for the first time, I really got hooked on this travel mode. Here are my reasons for traveling solo.

A fresh look on your life

When you travel alone, most of the time it’s me, myself, and I. This gives you a lot of opportunities to reflect on your life, get things into perspective, set new goals, and rearrange your priorities. All this helps you know yourself. Many people return from solo trips with new ideas, quit their unsatisfying jobs, and open their hearts for changes.


This is what I especially like about solo trips. You don’t have to compromise with anyone. You can spend a day in a new city the way you want. You can go sightseeing, you can explore all the local bars, or you can combine these things. Nothing prevents you from changing your route.

Being your own master

When you go on a trip with a companion, you automatically acquire a certain role in your pairing or group. You become a “serious parent”, “a walking encyclopedia”, or “an obedient child”. In order not to lose your own self, travel alone. You’ll have only one social role – that of yourself. And the true you can be anyone depending on circumstances.

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