Yoga – the Perfect Travel Workout

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Ooooommmmm I’m not going to pretend that I’m a saint when I travel.  Truth be told – all my bad habits come flying to the surface the moment I hit the airport.  I eat carbs after 4pm, have more than one glass of wine and tend to avoid the gym … at all costs.

That’s why during my recent stay at the San Juan Marriott in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I was pleasantly surprised that a little downward dog could do just the trick to keep me on the workout wagon … albeit hanging by a thread.

Ommmmazing Yoga class at the San Juan Marriott

It takes a certain kind of dedication to workout while on the road.  Some people just love to work out.  I unfortunately, am not one of them.  I have to be sneaky and hide my workouts in the form of a hike to the top of a monument or a standup paddle board lesson.

Batu Caves stair climb in Malaysia

But sometimes we must travel for business not pleasure.  Problem – meet solution.  If you’re lucky enough that your hotel offers a yoga class like mine did at the San Juan Marriott – sign up, my friend.  Yoga is a gentle, but effective workout that can be way more beneficial than just burning calories. Most forms of yoga offer a great stretch and relaxation element that let’s face it – is necessary when handling the stresses of travel.  And most hotel/ resort classes I’ve taken tend to be taught for the general population.  Advanced yogi’s – you can add your own twist (or bind) to the more basic poses.  Newbies- this is a great way to introduce yourself to the beneficial world of yoga.

Sunset Salutations in Manhattan Beach, CA

Another benefit to yoga is that it can be done almost anywhere – and depending on where you’re traveling you might score yourself a class on the beach, riverside or uh…. trail-side.

YogATV somewhere in the middle of AZ

If your hotel does not offer classes, you can download a few from iTunes or carry a few DVD’s to run on your laptop.  My personal traveling fav -Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Complete Collection.  It’s 3 great classes on one DVD. And forget packing a yoga mat -  since most hotel carpet isn’t ultra plush (which makes carpet somewhat slippery) a few hotel towels make great yoga-mat-substitutes.

Fitting in this workout on the road may mean fitting into your skinny jeans when you get home.

Yoga Mon - an alternative way to get plowed in Jamaica





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